About ABC House


Helping children, youth, and families overcome the crisis of abuse and neglect.

ABC House is the Child Abuse Intervention Center serving Benton and Linn Counties. The mission of our organization is to provide high-quality child abuse assessments for local children when there are concerns of abuse and neglect.

Whenever there are suspicions of child abuse or neglect, the Department of Health Services (DHS), local law enforcement agencies, and/or the local medical community make referrals to our professionally trained ABC House staff.

Staff and our partners are experts in recognizing and dealing with child abuse and the issues that arise from abuse and neglect. Services include medical examinations, forensic interviews, non-offending family members support and referrals, trauma counseling and community education.

ABC House provides child abuse assessment services to over 700 children annually, including on-site evaluation to 300 children and emergency consultations for an additional 400 children.

Each year, our trauma counseling program helps over 100 children and the non-offending family members begin to heal from the crisis of abuse.

ABC House takes it role as educator and advocate very seriously.  Outreach to over 4,000 youth and adults in the form of educating how to recognize and prevent child abuse happens through our community outreach department.

ABC House’s offices are located in Albany, Oregon but children are referred from all over the Benton and Linn County areas.


To report suspected child abuse call (541) 757-5019.